An organized and clear process for implementation of travelling procedures is crucial to ensure that all of them is carried out in a timely manner. Any questions or concerns regarding this travel policy should be addressed to one of these individuals:
………… (Names, Contacts)
Travel Arrangements, Air Travel, Reservation Procedures: This will help to simplify travel arrangements and allow for assistance on issues arisen during the course of travel. Class of Service: All individuals traveling via the BB must travel………. (how, which airline, ticket booking) . (For example Lowest Available Airfare: All airline tickets must be booked at the lowest available airfare. The following criteria will be utilized to determine lowest available airfare. • The flight’s departure or arrival time is within two hours before the requested departure or arrival time; • One stop or connecting flights must be booked if savings of $200 or more can be achieved; • Travelers may not specify a preferred carrier if a significantly lower cost fare is available. Baggage Fees: Baggage fees will be reimbursed. Rebooking Fees: Rebooking or change fees will be reimbursed for emergency situations only.) Cancellations:
Lodging Accommodation Selection: ……..(who) is responsible for making the hotel arrangements for travelers needing hotel rooms or a particular lodgings (flats).
Hotel website links containing the list of hotels in Baku for the choice by travelers
Travelers who stay extra nights, ………. (procedures in this case) Generally hotel rooms will be booked by the BB or travelers
Transportation: The BB cars for city tours, renting a car, taking a taxi, or using alternate transportation are possible options. Travelers are encouraged to utilize public transportation whenever feasible.
Catering, Meals and Entertainment: The package includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks, drinks, etc. This amount is based on an average of the restaurant offers published at (restaurant website link, if available). Meal expenses:
Telecommunications Air/Rail Telephones: Cell phones and relative cards to contact will be provided for the BB travelers.
Valid credit cards:

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